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Words Of Wisdom That Stick With You To This Day

Apr 15, 19 at 1:04am
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Apr 15, 19 at 1:12am

I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It's what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
- Mewtwo in Pokemon the First Movie

Yeah, it might be from a pokemon movie, but it's all too true when you think about it. There are still so many people out there who put others down for things they have no control over, such as who their parents are, what they look like, etc. Judge someone not by what you perceive them to be. Judge them based on what they show you is in their hearts.


With great power comes great responsibility. Kinda cliche yes? But that was the first thing that came into my head.

Apr 15, 19 at 6:47pm

"All men are not created equal" - Charles zi Britannia
Really pointed out that life is unfair and for me to get over it.


"It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"; and also "It's better late than never"; and "Rome wasn't built in 1 day" are the phrases that I'm constantly reminded of.

Apr 15, 19 at 9:19pm

"Never eat raspberries"

♥½ Fujitora ♥ commented on Words Of Wisdom That Stick With You To This Day
♥½ Fujitora ♥
Apr 15, 19 at 9:54pm

"People will try to tear you down at all stages of life so instead of worrying about them stay the course and show them nothing is going to stop your progress"

ヤンデレ王子 Audio commented on Words Of Wisdom That Stick With You To This Day
ヤンデレ王子 Audio
Apr 15, 19 at 11:00pm

Be good.
If you can't be good, be careful.
If you can't be careful, don't make it after me.


I am an Indian, and my parents are Hindu's. Though nowadays I tend to read stuff from nearly every religion, I spent parts of my childhood going through hindu scriptures. These are mostly told through expressions and are very interpretations with many different people publishing their interpretations. This is one of my own interpretations that I wrote when I was 15. It impacted me a lot at that time, so I guess I will share it with you guys!

What is Contentment? - feeling satisfied with what you have

Contentment is born out of right perspective . Nothing else but right perspective can bring contentment

It all Depends on how we look at an object, person or a situation

If I see myself as big, then everything around me will seem small

If I see myself as small, than everything around me will look bigger than me

We need to see things at its appropriate level- this is right perspective

For example look at a cup of milk that is half full

If you focus your attention on the part of the cup that has milk you will feel content

If you focus your attention on the part of the cup that is empty, you will feel dissatisfied

It’s all where you choose to focus your attention ( The cup of milk remains the same, you can look at it as half empty or half full, it is simply your perspective)

If you focus on missed opportunities, then you will feel discontent

Instead if you focus on what you have attained, what you haven’t missed and what you have- you will feel satisfied

The problem is with reality and our expectations

When there is a gap between reality and our expectations we feel we are not enough- then we feel dissatisfaction

When you feel that you are not enough, when you feel that you are not complete, nothing will bring satisfaction to you

Satisfaction needs to be discovered from within

First- be aware of your expectations

It is impossible to avoid expectations, but before having them try and find out if they are genuine

Am I qualified to have these expectations? Have I done what needs to be done to have these expectations within me ???
Watch your expectations

Give up the bad habit of trying to live up to the expectations of others around us

There is no need for us to please everyone around us

Don’t allow others to dictate terms to us or to define success

Don’t give others that freedom

Based on your understanding of your experience's will determine what success is for you

When we allow others to dictate terms for you and we try to live up to their expectations we can become dissatisfied

Give up the bad habit of comparing. Don’t compare yourself with those around you

It might create a hallucination that the other person is better than you or that you are better than the other person

There is no personality development in this - there is just personality destruction.


"Pursue one great aim with force and determination, If you have any interest in doing something extraordinary, if you have any interest in performing better than other people, if you have any interest in doing something that will be remembered, than this is the take away for you, pick one thing, and do it with force and determination. The only way you're going to be able to push past the mountain of obstacles that is going to try to stop you, is to have maniacal focus, to know exactly what you want, to have clarity of purpose, to have a crystal clear vision in your mind of what you're trying to accomplish, something you could tell anybody in a single sentence. When you have that you have that and you stare at it all day and you think about exactly how you're going to make it happen and tie your identity to it. That is when you have a chance."

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