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one punch man and animation quality

Apr 10, 19 at 6:42am

Do you think the new season of opm has bad or good animation?


I think that the animation is okay. It's a big insult to call this animation bad, because people compare it to stuff like these ugly CGI Goblins from Overlord Season 3. :L Come on, it isn't that sh*tty. :D Of course, it isn't as awesome as the madhouse animation quality, but it's far from BAD. And to people still judging the studio on the trailer: The CGI moments you could see in the trailer aren't in the anime, at least not in episode 1.

Of course some weird people won't stop cherry picking frames that aren't that good, like this:
And then we got awesome stuff like this but nobody cares:

But yeah, I watched Berserk 2016/17 and Overlord Season 3, so my expectations weren't that high. xD

The whole thing in a nutshell

ヤンデレ王子 Audio commented on one punch man and animation quality
ヤンデレ王子 Audio
Apr 10, 19 at 3:56pm

If the writing's just as good I don't really care.

Apr 10, 19 at 4:05pm

Well it depends on how you classify good or bad. If you compared to a makoto shinkai like Your Name or a Ufotable work like Fate/Zero it falls quite a bit. These are studios with huge budgets and great animators. However OPM Season 2 falls short even when compared to its previous season. OPM season 1 was animated by Madhouse. (The same people who did Death Note). While not particularly known for their animation quality they did a decent job with OPM S1. However S2 is being done by a different company. Most noticeably OPM S2 has NO 3D CG.
People use images like
to point this out, not because they are cherry picking, but because it is most easily noticeable here. It is infact prevalent throughout the show. The show was also not mastered in 1080p which means most 1080ps will be poorly done upscale encoding with banding, detail loss and artifacting.

Also @kuroi_kenshi, the second pic is a comparison with saitama. He is INTENTIONALLY drawn simply. however looking at background detail and shadow itself will show that the first is superior. This will also be more obvious in a moving scene and in larger screen sizes.

TL;DR - The animation of OPM was always average and S2 is significantly worse than S1. That being said you watch OPM to see Saitama beat the shit out of people and quality doesn't matter too much for this kind of anime.

ヤンデレ王子 Audio commented on one punch man and animation quality
ヤンデレ王子 Audio
Apr 10, 19 at 4:37pm

I would probably complain more if this series was a straight up action show, but it's primarily a comedy. If the jokes land than it's okay if it doesn't look as good.

Apr 14, 19 at 7:07pm

Jc staff a shit. They haven't made anything decent in years.


@FakeSpiral: I'm not sure, but I don't think that there are other awkward scenes like that one in episode 1 or 2. Of course it can't compete with Season 1 or high budget animation productions. :x But yeah, you're right - maybe I'm not complaining because I've seen much worse stuff (as I said, Berserk 2016/17 and Overlord Season 3 for example) and I'm just happy to have a new season. Also, I never realized that people were upset with the animation quality of season 1. The fight against Boros together with the soundtrack was so good! >o<
The 2 shots from my second picture are both from season 2 btw^^

Apr 16, 19 at 3:52pm

Only one ep in and i'm fine with it so far.

Apr 16, 19 at 5:28pm

one punch man, more like one power point man amarite gotteeeeem *dabs away*

Apr 16, 19 at 5:42pm

Madhouse and the director set an extremely high bar for season 1 that was going to be nearly impossible to reach unless they all stayed on; you also have to consider all of the guest animators that came on to really nail the pinnacle moments. Season 2 will never look as good, but if you've read the webcomics the manga/anime are based off of, you probably don't care. They look like they're drawn by a 10-year-old, and personally, I fucking love it.

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