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Looking for fellow console peasants


Anyone else a fellow console peasant? I'm on xbox mainly but I do I have a psn account just don't have a ps4 at the moment, was wondering if anyone would like to exchange Gamertags and we could chill n play games or even just chat.

I'm active 24/7 n I do talk on here but only in private, I hate talking publicly on forums - I find it easier talking direct with people instead of openly, kind of a shy guy at first lol but once we get to know each other I'll become your worst nightmare and you'll regret adding me :p If you're on xbox my GT is : d3adly v1p3r 15, can't remember my psn off top of my head so I'll add that later when I remember and when i pickup a ps4 again.


Xbox and pc player here
GT: Zombie Kill 55
Steam: {BLANK} Zombiekill55
Feel free to add me if you wantss


Will send u an add shortly on xbox, don't know my steam user but will try recover it and also add on that but I don't have a decent pc to play anything.

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