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Touhou Project

Mar 05, 19 at 8:25pm

How does a simple man comprehend the complexity of such an amazing game with over whelming music and 2D graphics that look LIKE A KID MADE IT! ZUN is not a genius but a God among men. His music descended from the heavens and gifted us with it's grace.... So basically it's a great game with a great lore. Please I ain't the only human who loves the music and fan made stuff.

cupcakerin commented on Touhou Project
Mar 06, 19 at 10:41am

I'm relatively new to Touhou, it's a name I had heard for over a decade but I only started getting into it last year. Actually only played two fighting games and a few fan games so far, listen a bit to the music too. I'm most familiar with Scarlet Devil Mansion and its characters though.

Touhou is so good, it's weird that's it's sorta well known but really obscure at the same time? More people need to know about it.

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