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Feb 22, 19 at 11:03pm

Show some SEGA love!
What sort of SEGA stuff do you like?
The Mega Drive Genesis? The Saturn? Dreamcast? Master System/ Mark III?

A favorite classic for me is golden axe!

suna commented on SEGA
Feb 23, 19 at 5:02am


Segata Sanshiro
セガサターン シロ!

ツンペーパー commented on SEGA
Feb 23, 19 at 5:51pm

懐かしい !

I remember seeing some of these growing up!

I still have my sega saturn white as well

blissfullforce1818 commented on SEGA
Feb 23, 19 at 7:06pm

One of the strongest memories of my childhood during the 1990ies is definitely the whole Sega versus Nintendo 16-bit console war which was abundant all over the media and the press.
And there was that glorious Saturday morning when I first got acquainted with Sonic the hedgehog (i.e. Sega's #1 mascot) through a brand-new cartoon show which had appeared out of nowhere back in 1993. They even called it the "SatAM Sonic" cartoon show because it premiered on a Saturday morning and was mostly broadcast on Saturdays mornings before getting moved to a weekday evening schedule.

So anyways, yeah, that show has eventually led me to discover about the consoles and the videogames. Not directly, since my parents never wanted me to get hooked on them nor could they afford to buy them, but through exposure to classmates/peers/friends at school.
When I was 9 years old and 10 years old, I absolutely fell in love with the Sega Genesis console (a.k.a. "MegaDrive" on continents outside of North America). I loved its shape, its colour, basically the overall design. And from what I've seen and heard, the games on the Genesis appealed to me slightly more than the games on the SNES. (Although to be fair, there are quite a few good ones on Nintendo which never made it to the Genesis.)

In 1994, when I was 10 years old, I received a PC-port of the classic beat-em-up scroller called "Golden Axe". And that was officially the very very first Sega-manufactured game that I ever got to properly play at my own home without being required to visit any friends. It took me an entire year to properly beat it because there was no save-state feature and my time in front of the family computer was very limited. But what matters is that I absolutely loved that game and was impressed by the company that designed it.

In the year 2000, when I was 15 years old at highschool, the internet had boomed and I discovered the world of emulation of both 16-bit and 8-bit consoles on home computers. I was overjoyed. The doors to my dreams had fully opened and I could finally fully enjoy all of the content which I wanted, regardless of what my parents could desire or afford. I felt free and empowered. And naturally, one of the very first emulators which I installed was of the Sega Genesis console. And the very first ROMs that I played were the "Sonic the hedgehog" games and the "Golden Axe" titles. Then followed a whole bunch of other games which were licensed to Sega by third-party developers. And then after all of that, I finally got emulators for SNES and Nintendo.

So yeah, basically, Sega was the first in line to get my love.

cupofshinji commented on SEGA
Feb 26, 19 at 12:35am

I own a Sega Master System. I got it somewhere in a box, haven't used it in ages. Never owned a genesis, but I had a friend who did. Played a lot of the sonic games, Mortal Kombat, and Might and Magic (can't remember which game it was exactly).

Audio-oniisama commented on SEGA
Feb 26, 19 at 11:24am

My first console growing up was a Genesis. Now I'm thinking of starting a 32x collection.

Cheeto commented on SEGA
Feb 26, 19 at 11:45am

The good days...

ツンペーパー commented on SEGA
Mar 02, 19 at 9:57am

That was a really nostalgic post! Sega was my first experience to gaming period. But I can definitely relate to a lot of what you said, even watching good old SatAm Sonic! For me though I grew up having a pc port of Sonic 3D Blast before I eventually got console port for Saturn. Golden Axe was actually one of my first games period.

I could never seem to like Mortal Kombat on SNES, I have always preferred the Genesis Port.

Same! I had a model 2 growing up and it came with the 6 - pak cartridge. That was certainly a great way to get me hooked on games period.
I have a 32x, if anything I love how it increases the visual quality of the Genesis games. As for 32x games, I do think there are a lot of interesting options, so I would say it is worth collecting.

I like to go on some private servers every now and then. It's still just as fun as it was back in the good old days.

kingaj commented on SEGA
Mar 02, 19 at 1:03pm

They had some good commercials Segas old marketing. Blast processing lol

cupofshinji commented on SEGA
Mar 02, 19 at 5:28pm

@ツンペーパー The Genesis port was much better. It looked better and played better in my opinion. Plus the snes port took out the blood, that is unless you enter a certain code to unlock it. That is if I remember correctly.

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