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Sakura con 2019 anyone?

Feb 03, 19 at 4:09am

I'll be going to sakura con again this year so if anyone wants to meet up or go for drinks hmu!This is the con I've been going to for maybe 5 years now would be cool to find other regulars cus I need more friends at cons lmao

Feb 03, 19 at 12:10pm

How good is Sakura-con on a scale of one through ten?

Feb 03, 19 at 3:09pm

Hmm I dont really have much to compare it to I've only been to one other con and that was in Montreal but sakura con is definitely the best con in the Pacific north west. At least that's what I hear from other people that have been going and have made it an annual thing. I'd say its probably around an 8 or 9 depending on the year.

Feb 03, 19 at 5:59pm

this sounds like fun!

kratos10987 commented on Sakura con 2019 anyone?
Feb 04, 19 at 10:33am

Wish I could, but Washington state is a little far for me.

Feb 05, 19 at 5:34pm

Road tripping to Washington sounds amazing as is.

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