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Any LoGH fans here?

Jan 07, 19 at 12:31pm

Looking for friends to talk about my favorite show.

I recently got my best friend so hooked on it that he sold all his Star Wars merch to buy all the mini ship models.

But than hurricaine Florence destroied his house and he's moved away.

Talk to me people.

Ed~ commented on Any LoGH fans here?
Jan 07, 19 at 1:50pm

Yup, so far it's my only anime that I have given a 10/10.

The closest that has come by, is Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199, with a 9.5/10

The new version, that aired on 2018, was pretty darn good, my only complaint were the character designs, all of them looked too much like "Bishounen" or fuckboys.

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