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jerus90 started MMORPG's
Jan 01, 19 at 5:39pm

Hi guys, I was wondering who else plays mmo's? I play WoW ( badly) but also play ESO and Tera on the Xbox. What ones do you recommend/pay?

aho girl commented on MMORPG's
aho girl
Mar 05, 19 at 12:42pm

Hiya, I do. I play Final Fantasy XIV. Highly recommend, especially if you're a Final Fantasy fan.

[MLG] Loki commented on MMORPG's
Mar 05, 19 at 12:51pm

FFXIV if you're interested in tabtarget combat and raiding. Lacks fleshed out PvP so if you're into that stay away from the game.

Blade & Soul for the combat system and PvP. Fluid gameplay but suffers from the same problem as TERA as in being very grind heavy and badly optimized due to unreal engine 3. Is scheduled to get an upgrade to unreal engine 4 this year however.

Mango Twist commented on MMORPG's
Mar 05, 19 at 5:18pm

The only one I still play is GW2, I'm always up to try new ones though, MO MMO group would be fun

bobezlolz commented on MMORPG's
Mar 05, 19 at 5:30pm

I used to raid hardcore in WoW as a healer, quit in BFA, now playing FFXIV because its more chill and has super nice art and animations, if you like questing the no english dialogue can be a little jarring at first.

ekreon commented on MMORPG's
Mar 05, 19 at 5:53pm

Don't really play MMOs anymore but i used to be addicted, would recommend FFXIV, GW2, vindictus (for the combat), OSRS, SWTOR and DC universe mmo thingy dont remember the name

firestorm9832 commented on MMORPG's
May 07, 19 at 12:57pm

As everyone else has said, FFXIV! Best MMO

ヤンデレ王子 Audio commented on MMORPG's
ヤンデレ王子 Audio
May 07, 19 at 1:03pm

Considering I have never been financially stable to keep any kind of subscription I find the genre not really a match for me.

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