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Horde or Alliance?

Dec 31, 18 at 2:36am

Which faction do you play?
Which is better in your opinion?

Jan 01, 19 at 5:39pm

I have toons on both. I do prefer the Horde to Alliance. You get better interactions imo

Jan 01, 19 at 6:47pm

Horde is better more fun and alliance is losing the war :D look that 30% buff XD

Jan 01, 19 at 7:07pm

Havent played in years but i was originally Horde (Undead Warlock) then Alliance (Human Wlock), but if i could choose either id pick horde, something more fun about the horde than the alliance... plus i think horde has a better community than alliance - i found alot of toxic ally players compared to horde.

Jan 01, 19 at 7:08pm

kinda ironic aswell cos my account name was "THEHORDESCUM" and I prefer them lmao, FOR THE HORDE!

judgmentoftherain commented on Horde or Alliance?
Jan 04, 19 at 7:27pm
This account has been suspended.
Jan 04, 19 at 7:36pm

bur > kek

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