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Alma con 2019

Dec 27, 18 at 8:25pm

Alma college in Michigan meet up!
Place is at Alma Michigan xD
March 8-11 , 2019

So far me and lucalu are going. Join us and have more friends!!! Cosplays or whatever just go and enjoy all activities!

about 12 hours ago

dude alma is my home con~

sushie commented on Alma con 2019
about 9 hours ago

MY GOODNESS. Meet us! We can all take pics! There's 2 of us going on this site + you that's 3! It's my first. I heard its pretty good xD

about 8 hours ago

its good for a small three day con... i think ill be going as Kirishima from BNHA for a day...? but i run panels so more than likely ill see you there~

sushie commented on Alma con 2019
about 6 hours ago

Nice what panel you running? We gonna go! I'll most likely go as Dabi muwahaha! That's some awesome Kirishima!

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