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Best con's UK

Dec 22, 18 at 11:56am

Looking to visit a few cons next year and was curious which ones people thought were the best? Ideally with some great guests (especially VA's) but if the atmosphere's good then will definitely be on my list. Also one's with late parties/pub visits cause who doesn't love a drink once in a while?

Dec 22, 18 at 6:33pm

Well, I'm not British, but I've had many British contacts in the past, and from what they said and showed to me, the best and biggest con over there is the London MCM Expo. It happens like every October in downtown London (if I'm not mistaken and my memory didn't fail me). I've never been there but I can imagine that there's tons of expensive pubs around the con venue.

Xela commented on Best con's UK
Dec 24, 18 at 9:37am

Best UK cons are MCM and Hyper Japan winter for me :)

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