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Epic Seven

Nov 30, 18 at 4:04pm

Totally worth checking out

Codename commented on Epic Seven
Dec 01, 18 at 6:58pm

>Worth checking out
>Mobile game

Jokes aside, it actually looks pretty cool. How are micro-transactions handled? F2P and Singleplayer is a pretty weird combo lol

N Sanity commented on Epic Seven
N Sanity
Dec 01, 18 at 7:20pm

I'm having a ton of fun with it, used my selective summoning for Sez and carmainerose.

saltysalter commented on Epic Seven
Dec 09, 18 at 7:34pm

Its gacha, but it has a nice story and anime cinematics as well as cinematic ultimate skills which is awesome. I highly recommend!

Seretrina commented on Epic Seven
Jan 01, 19 at 8:59pm

it's a great game. I started playing on day 1 of release. already have a full team of level 60s. i spent quite a lot on it but my brother that plays it as well hasnt spent a dime and has some heros that are really good that i don''t have. and hes around the same stage I am. being a paying player doesnt give you much of advantage.

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