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Dr. Kichigai Seuss - AMA


Well well well...
I think I'll give this a go.
I think I've been here for over a year.
I'm just following in Dagger's footsteps.
I think these are a cool/good idea.
Let's keep it classy and make it flashy.

Ask away


You do realize people stopped doing these a month ago, right?


Yeah. That's where I got the idea from since I never made one


What is the best car you have ever driven?


Did you ever think that your "Las one to post here wins" thread would last this long or become a popular hangout spot?


In a life filled with constant change and (Seemingly) progress, what's the hold that keeps you on this particular site? You're not here for lengthy periods, but you return nonetheless and I believe it's been quite a bit over a year (Almost as long as I.)

Also, a secondary question...

You've said you're a DJ, correct? What really got you into that and how do you see your future in that field?

Annnnnnd... A tertiary question.

If you have/had a personal mantra in life, what is/would it be and why?


What has been one experience in your life that you'll never forget?


Best car I ever driven was a 09 Audi A6. My friend has one and it drives so smooth. I want one


No. Not in a million years. This site was roughly new and I just wanted to goof off with a few friends at the time. So I made the thread.


The more popular Facebook gets the more I want to stay here. I honestly like forums like this cause it reminds me of Myspace a lil.

My older brother got me in DJing. I love it. Because of my SC, me having a 9-5 is hard. So my brother, who was also a DJ, took me with him to work when I was only 15 and I learned. Next thing I know I'm being called to DJ for a sweet 16 and NYE parties. Then I got that check. $600 for a lil girl bday party? $1000 for a NYE party? I'm cool with that kind of money. That's when I committed.
I've now DJ'd across seas a few times. My goal is to open a bar/lounge and DJ there.

My personal mantra
"If you fail to plan then you plan to fail"

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