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Rating Wifus

Nov 27, 18 at 9:23pm

Alrights Guys I've noticed we don't have a topic that involves wifus so I decided to make one! Rules are simple:
1. Post a picture of your Wifu
2. Explain the series she is in
3. Explain the reasons why she is great!
4. Give your rating on other wifus listed here

Nov 27, 18 at 9:30pm

Alright so my One and only Wifu so far is Nico from Love Live!!
reasons why she is amazing:
1. She is so freakin cute!!
2. She is a great role model to her little sister and brother and loves them so much.
3. She was the only person to not give up on being an idol in her past club.
4. Even though she tries to hide it, she likes being around all her friends and is glad she is a part of the group in Love Live.
Rating- 10/10 BABY

ps: I am not into lolis at all lmao. Nico is just so amazing so I had to make her my wifu. Oh god help me I'm slowly turning into a weeb.....

ahoge commented on Rating Wifus
Dec 04, 18 at 4:52pm

I can't say I give Nico a 10/10, but I'll give her a 9/10, especially since I'm in the works of cosplaying her.

One of my Waifu's is Hestia from Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? or DanMachi for short.
Reasons why she's a "Waifu for Laifu"
1. She's the most adorable "Loli Big-boobs"!
2. She's a hard worker even if she's not good at her jobs.
3. She's devoted and loyal.
4. Hestia rhymes with Bestia.
5. She has the cutest "brushing teeth" dance.
Rating- 10/10 I aspire to be like this goddess.

Dec 04, 18 at 5:53pm

Finally someone that did this!! I give her a 9/10

ahoge commented on Rating Wifus
Dec 04, 18 at 5:57pm

@thatonepiecefan29 It's fun! Yay, high rating for my Waifu!

Cheeto commented on Rating Wifus
Dec 04, 18 at 6:07pm

Mao Amatsuka - I’ll give her a 7/10 but I do love her! No one is perfect!

- Energetic af
- Enjoys being lazy
- Plays video games
- will walk on your back if you’re sore
- understands the importance of saving money and HOW FUN FOOD CAN BE
- enjoys head pats
- smoll chest best breast

- Bites hard
- Childish too often
- Can be angry.. often
- weak n squishy
- no butt

She is a gem and I enjoy her lots, one of two best girls from the anime GJ bu

Dec 04, 18 at 6:35pm

I give her a 9.5/10 James. WOW


Rin Tohsaka: 9/10 for me personally

- Incredibly intelligent and driven
- From a wealthy and prestigious family of Magi
- Basically the queen of thigh highs, gotta pay your respects
- Can cook
- Is a tsundere but a very well done one
- Is objectively the best girl out of the three Fate heroines
- Can both take and dish out banter
- Is also a magical girl

- Because her magecraft relies on having a steady supply of gemstones the coming from a prestigious line of Magi part will always remain true but maybe not the 'wealthy' part
- Bad with technology that she didn't grow up using (meaning anything that isn't a landline telephone)
- Is too proud at times to admit shortcomings (like being bad with technology)

Cheeto commented on Rating Wifus
Dec 04, 18 at 7:08pm

...looking at all these post I feel like I’m too simple


PM commented on Rating Wifus
Dec 04, 18 at 7:18pm

Is loyal
Has a six pack
Strong AF
Is ikemen
Adorable like a cute boy?

Sengoku is great and from one of my favorite manga

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