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Nov 13, 18 at 7:14pm

I was wondering what people thought about Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0, I finished Steins;Gate awhile back and enjoyed it a bit. Now i'm considering if I should watch the anime of Stein;s 0 instead of playing the game and should I play the visual novel/game of the first Steins;Gate?

Whisp commented on Steins;Gate
Nov 13, 18 at 8:46pm

Dunno about the game, but I heard the anime adaption wasn't that great in comparison to the first season.
Still enjoyable though.

Nov 27, 18 at 1:38am

I just finished Steins;Gate and the movie, going to start 0 soon. It's a great show if you're really into Sci-Fi, but if you're not then the show is kind of boring.

Nov 27, 18 at 1:16pm

I have watched both seasons or series of Steins;Gate and loved them both. I haven't heard what people thought 0 but I personally liked it. If you loved the animation and voice actors from the first season then I recommend watching 0. Steins;Gate never fails to disappoint in my heart xD

Read Bio commented on Steins;Gate
Nov 27, 18 at 1:20pm

I enjoyed Steins;Gate 0 the animation, I'm a bit of a "lost cause" fan.

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