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Cosplay Suggestions?

Oct 26, 18 at 12:12am

What? A nerd can't have a hobby?
Now in all seriousness, I have never cosplayed, though I have a great desire to get somewhat into it... however; I don't know where to start.
I collaborated with a friend to discuss potential cosplay ideas and one that piqued my interest was a genderbent Lucoa from "Dragon Maid".
I do feel that the genderbend trope lost its charm though.... So throw some ideas at me! Maybe they'll stick.

A few physical traits that may be important:
- 6'2"
- Oval-like face
- Soft facial features (sob)

kratos10987 commented on Cosplay Suggestions?
Oct 26, 18 at 10:48am

Googled good cosplay ideas for guys. Got this as a result. Might be able to give you some inspiration

Oct 26, 18 at 6:31pm

The best advice I can give is to not limit your range of cosplays and characters based strictly on your physical attributes such as height, weight, and shape of head.
Some websites have cosplays available to order in a wide range of sizes to satisfy everyone, no matter how big or how small you are.
And even if what you're looking for isn't available on the market in its specific form then it's actually possible to commission someone to make a cosplay with your own custom specifications. (That might actually be more expensive. I've never tried it yet myself. But in the end it would totally be worth it, no matter the cost.)

Oct 27, 18 at 1:05am

I really shouldn't be limiting myself based on physical attributes.
Dunno, part of me wants something that looks and feels picture perfect, though I'll certainly find more enjoyment if my selection is broader.

I would commission, though that takes half the fun from the whole thing.

Thank ya! :>

Oct 27, 18 at 3:42pm

It is best to cosplay characters you like.... so you can get into character! Other people cosplay so they can be in a group, but then don't enjoy it because they don't care about the character. Unless, your goal is just to be in a group. Genderbending is still very much alive, just make sure you keep the most important aspects of the costume. What is your goal when cosplaying? Since most of my cosplays are going to be racebent, I take care to portray the character as the original artist inteded. I don't don't do black versions of characters but many people enjoy creating those versions too. It is all about what you want to do, really.

Oct 27, 18 at 3:55pm

sorry to double post, but as for suggestions: Fate is pretty popular right now. My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan, will still be popular for a while. If you want photos, Dragonball and Naruto will get you those. I still see Shizuo from Durarara! running around at cons. Sebastian or Grell from Black Butler. Lots of Fortnite characters and whatever ecchi anime is airing at the time of the con.

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