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Friendly's Discord

Oct 22, 18 at 5:10pm

Disclaimer: You are required to verify your MaiOtaku profile on the Discord server for uniqueness.

Opened back sometime in the start of 2017 and didn't have no actual popularity until posting an actual thread on here.
MaiOtaku Family Discord

Features a waifu store, gambling system, a shop that allows you to buy colors for your name.
An XP system that levels you up with a certain role each time you reach a level.
A verification system is in effect so we can make sure who joins the server each time.

Invite vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

10/22/18 - 17 members.
10/30/18 - 25 members, added XP system.
11/01/18 - 26 members.
11/03/18 - 27 members, dev. blog below.
11/11/18 - 31 members.
11/??/18 - lost count xd
12/22/18 - Got around like 50 people.
Added a waifushop, music bot, etc.
1/5/19 - Verification system added, XP system fixed, username color shop added.
1/18/19 - 70 members hit, IdleRPG bot added, more bots added.
Bunch of stuff added, waifu shop fixed.
1/21/19 - Minor fixes to stuff not working.

2/25/19 - Fixed music bots not working, currently have three music bots at the moment.
Added a ticket system to assist those within the Discord server with in-server problems or out-of-the server problems whether it be irl or etc.
Added an adventure bot.
Added more roles to the XP system.
Changed some colors for some roles.
Added a couple of new rules.
Renamed a couple of channels.
Replaced a couple of emotes.

4/9/19 - Updated an old bot to a new one that is more compatible with the waifu system and interactive with the users.
Added an Easter day event channel for future references.
Enhanced the moderation side of the server.

5/3/19 - To be continued

6/21/19 - More stuff added, we have 170+ members in the server. O:

7/31/19 - Created a Minecraft server exclusively for the Discord members.
Added a new profile picture, I'll attach it after this message if you want to use it in the future.
Edited #make-a-report to finally allow people to send messages in it. NOBODY told me you couldn't send a message in it. :nyanREEE:
Added another table for infinity for those who need more space.

Slight color change in role colors. (This will fluctuate over time)
Added a new bot!
I will be allowing bot gifs by Zero Two inside the lounge but I will enable the slow mode if it gets too hectic, don't abuse this privilege.
Enabled #nsfw-art-drawing to be NSFW.
You must now assign yourself the Lewd role in order to look at NSFW channels.
Those individuals with only the verified role will no longer be able to attach files/images anywhere in the Discord until they get the Chatty role.

Added a couple of new roles and renamed the majority of the role system.
Added emojis to channels.

CAC commented on Friendly's Discord
Oct 22, 18 at 5:25pm


Oct 24, 18 at 1:30am


Baka commented on Friendly's Discord
Oct 24, 18 at 11:14pm
This account has been suspended.
ヤンデレ王子 Audio commented on Friendly's Discord
ヤンデレ王子 Audio
Oct 27, 18 at 7:00pm

Okay then

Oct 28, 18 at 6:12am


Oct 30, 18 at 10:07pm

This is still alive.
>am still improvin on teh surver

Nov 01, 18 at 2:25pm


CAC commented on Friendly's Discord
Nov 01, 18 at 2:43pm

It's deff a server all right.

Nov 03, 18 at 5:32pm

11/03/18 - 27 members,
added roles that can be earned by being active (typing messages/etc).

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