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Maiotaku Timely Confessions


Since Laughingman died or something, I guess I'll try to resurrect this thing.

As usual, it's 100% anonymous. I will be required by the rules of the website to censor things if necessary, but I will try my best to keep these 100% authentic.


1: no nudity
2: no mocking someone's pain such as suicide, loss, break up, rape, theft... etc
3: nothing overtly gross, nothing with poop is allowed but if there's a sexual post, Cum is allowed, admitting to wanting to fuck someone is allowed, saying you want to rape someone is not allowed, but saying hate fucking someone is allowed.
4: Nothing racist.
5: Hate posts (within reason) are allowed. For an example, calling someone annoying/overly sensitive/etc... IS allowed, but calling someone a slut/a pedo/a bitch/etc... is NOT allowed.
6: if a post is something very worrisome such as a real threat to rape, stalk, abduct or harass someone then I will report it to daggerfella and wait for instructions.

Any post that violates any of these rules will either be skipped entirely or censored.


Sep 07, 18 at 1:21am

That was the plan

Sep 07, 18 at 1:23am

"Since Laughingman died or something"

sounds about right lol


Why can't we just stick to 1 thread for confessions instead of cluttering the place with multiple threads about it?

Sep 07, 18 at 4:59am

Because you touch yourself at night.

Sep 07, 18 at 7:29am

Yeah, CAC has the right idea here.

Seriously though, if you dont like it, you dont have to participate. You can literally just ignore the fact that this thread exists without receiving any negative repercussions. I know people liked the other anonymous confessions thread, so I'm just making it so people can anonymously confess if they want to.

Sep 07, 18 at 7:30am

Mio u are cool

Sep 07, 18 at 7:32am

Seeing how there was only one confession last night, I dont even know if this is going to gain a whole lot of popularity anyway. Also, @1 thanks bud, you too

Sep 07, 18 at 12:02pm

I haven’t drawn anything that is actually fun. I used to be so excited when I draw, It’s a rewarding experience, building something from nothing. I thought that I don’t need any other skill besides doing art, after all if you focus on what you love, you’ll be successful right?. So I decided to pursue a career with it. Now I’m old and jaded, got a college degree in art and years searching for a job, still nothing. It didn’t help me at all. I always get told that I’m good, I have talent, don’t worry ,you’ll get your chance, but no one would even hire me. It’s so frustrating because I’m only applying for entry level illustrations. I’m sick and tired of trying to draw, I don’t even know what is good art. The pay also is very low, people don’t value artists and they overwork them. Once I got an offer as a caricature artist, I’ve accepted it even if they told me their work time is up to 1am at times. On my first day, they decided to give me a different work and on a different location. The rate in animation is 0.3 usd per frame, the training is 550$. Artists are extremely toxic in work. Especially those w.o degrees, they’ll make sure to make you look and feel bad. They want you to admit to them, that they are superior, that your degree is meaningless. Meanwhile my colleagues, gets a living and recognition doing abstract bullshit. Anything revolving art makes me feel like shit. And don’t tell me “just be good” or “just practice”. I’ve been doing that for years. I used to believe that talent doesn’t really exist, but now I do. This career is only for the talented. Talented, meaning great or you have lots of connection. Sorry if this is whiney, it’s just I’m very very tired. Do what you love, find your passion, all that bullshit is overrated.

Sep 07, 18 at 12:15pm


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