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Anyone planning on going to AX 2019? I know I am!

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Honestly, probly abadoning AX all together. Went this past AX and the year before. Theres just wayyyy to many people to actually be able to get into anything good. waste of money imo. Never again. Cons with 50,000 ppl max are my limit now.


AX gets worse every year. It was better when it was smaller.


I had fun when I went to AX back in 2013. I can’t be bothered with it too big, crowded, expensive. Better cons elsewhere.


At this point its only really worth going if you are able to afford and obtain a premier badge, and even then it is getting increasingly difficult to do things with one. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a new badge tier listing from them soon since there were some panels that capped out before even all premier pass holders could get into the rooms last year.

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