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Darker Than Black - second season has begun


and what does everyone think? has anyone else seen the first few episodes? BK201 is back!


Good so far but it's driving me crazy, they keep introducing awesome contracters and then electrocuting them


this is the first I've heard of this. I must spread the word.


Same studio, Bones, is back doing all the work. Hei is back, Mao is back (though in a slightly different form)...episode 8 just played...any comments?


I saw up to episode 8 of the new season. BK201 is back baby! Can't wait to see what happens!


Rumor has it that it is only going to be 12 episodes...#10 just subbed a couple days ago, thanks to subber BSS. The Japanese DVDs are supposed to have sub story OVAs about Yin and Hei...should be interesting.


ive watched the all aweosome shw but i got to say better make more episodes cus this is ridiculous only 12 and left plety of questions to be answered but i so cant wait to hear json liebrecht as hei again

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