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What are your opinions on conventions?

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Jul 11, 18 at 10:41pm

Lately, I've found conventions to be stiffling. Ever since I stopped cosplaying its been that way.

Going without cosplay makes it immensely hard for me to approach anyone who's cosplaying.

I'm not sure if its the pre-established cliques that steer me away from people or the mentality of me trying to not be a "creeper".

Overall, I've been having the most unenjoyable experiences at cons for the past year at the least.

Edit: this probably belongs more in the conventions forum but this pertains to more forging friendships/relationships at cons


i love conventions because i love dressing up but i'm too embarrassed to dress up without having a special reason (٥≧∇≦).
i also enjoy seeing all the cosplays other ppl do, so even when i'm not cosplaying i still have fun.
i don't mind ppl talking to me at conventions, but i understand how hard it can be. Since ppl are trying to go to panels or what not its hard to talk to ppl while trying not to hold them up xD. Plus it takes some courage to start up the convo.
if you're finding it hard to make friends at cons. i would recommend joining the cons fb page and going to cosplay picture meetups, or to the game room. That way you have a narrowed common interest and you wont have to worry if they're on their way to a panel or something.

Jul 12, 18 at 12:29am

A lot of fun, cosplaying is fun the costumes are fun the community can be fun the panels are fun.

I think they are great!... and usually a good place to get free alcohol and a fun hook up

Jul 12, 18 at 12:34am

To be honest, I just about ignore cosplayers unless they're doing something really outlandish, like wearing a tv set on their head. It's generally more interesting to seek out the people who are getting less attention: the starving artists, the 1st-time book sellers, and the residents of the manga reading room. If you're getting out of cosplay as a hobby, maybe this is just a sign that you need to start networking differently?

Jul 12, 18 at 2:04am

I rather enjoy them. I've been going to Anime North for twelve years now (and a few others) and it gives me another opportunity to cosplay outside of meet-ups, though due to my social anxiety I don't interact with anyone unless I'm with friends. Despite never really socializing I still manage to have a good time even when I'm by myself; I've got plenty of fun con stories to tell from my solo adventures over the years ha ha.

Jul 12, 18 at 2:22am

Seems fun, but I've never been in one. :3

Jul 12, 18 at 6:35am

I've never been to one, it seems expensive and I don't know anyone to go with.

Jul 12, 18 at 7:30pm

@John Felix

Funny you mention that, I had a great conversation with some dealers at the artist alley last time.

Also, I never really enjoyed cosplay all that much but used it as somewhat of a method to meet/engage with people.


I find conventions to be fun, regardless of cosplay (I just wear cat ears and a tail). Fun personally made merchandise in the dealers room, good deals on manga/anime, meeting old friends, meeting new ones, talking about past/present/future series. Gerding out on almost anything otaku related. I've been to a few and I've enjoyed them.

Jul 12, 18 at 7:34pm

Yeah, the game rooms seem to be a good idea as well. I'm not into fighting games but I'm sure I'd find something I'd enjoy there.

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