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Best Waifus/Husbandos

Jun 08, 18 at 1:46pm

Hi ! I don't find topic about this so here it is !
The one debate about Otakus, the war about waifus and husbandos !
I'll start with Earth-chan of course x)
And for husbandos... I'll go with Edward Elric
Let me know who's the best !?

Jun 08, 18 at 6:44pm

Oh lord. This topic is always scary to talk about. (Earth-chan? Who's she?)

Waifu: (crud, so many, erm....) Jibril from No Game No Life

Husbando: (I never gave this one any thought) Sesshōmaru from Inuyasha.

Hoping image links work, or I'll remove them.

Edit: Wait.... We're talking about Waifus and Husbandos from anime, right?

Jun 13, 18 at 3:42pm

One of my favorite couples was Izumi Curtis and her husband. I would be apart of a relationship like that anyday

Jun 13, 18 at 9:12pm

speedwagon, because he'll always be there for you

Torao commented on Best Waifus/Husbandos
Jun 14, 18 at 1:04am

Ignis Scientia best husbando and mother <3
Best waifu Elizabeth from Nanatsu No Taizai or Riza Hawkeye or Asuna (too perfect) from SAO


Best Waifu is Mikasa because shes ride or die.

Jun 27, 18 at 12:32am

First of all I just wanna say Foo fighter, not only do I usually use Ginko as my main photo cuz Mushishi is dope, but also Foo fighters are aweome too. You're already cool in my book.

Holo, I friggin love you. Too much... I have probably like 20 waifus... Just going for nostalgia and top notch here. It took way too long to select a photo of Holo... She is my #1 waifu and that won't change. If I'm allowed 2 then Sailor Mars.



Jun 27, 18 at 9:57am

I can agree and respect Holo-chan. That must be some collection of photos of her :)

Whenever it involved the Sailor Scouts, it was always a 3-way tie. Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. That's why I couldn't pick any of them for this thread :'(

Jun 27, 18 at 10:16am

Yogami!!! if she don’t have bags, I ain’t trying to tag

Jun 27, 18 at 10:49am

Rem!!!! If she dont have a mace, she can get out of my face.

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