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SU fans

May 10, 18 at 7:21pm
What are your thought's on the latest episode of SU? Feel free to add your theories!
May 15, 18 at 5:36pm
i'm still freaking out over what I saw been going back on everything and wondering if it was all a lie and was anything truthful or was it just for shellfish gain. though to be honest I half expected it Rebecca sugar really did get the fandom good with it
Baka @reinhardt76 commented on SU fans
May 15, 18 at 5:39pm
This account has been suspended.
May 15, 18 at 5:51pm
I mean yea we as fans are all saw it coming to a degree but the thing that's getting me is the fact as to why she did it, I kinda figured something was up with rose when they did the extended opening and had her face covered. and if you watch the episodes again kinda feels like she was just using pearl for thousands of years
May 15, 18 at 5:56pm
@kitsune90 i completely agree. Rebecca really gave us something and i expect no less than that from her. I feel for sorry for everyone who thought they knew what was going on. Ruby, Jasper, yellow and blue diamond, garnet and even greg and the rest of the crystal gems. And steven suffers a lot from this as well...i wonder what he's going to do.
May 15, 18 at 6:06pm
not sure if anyone seen the promo for summer of steven but garnet doesn't handle it well at all. also looking back when jasper said she admire roses fight technique of course she would end up on top being pink she knew all the counter measures and what was going to happen. watching the theories people are saying how pink/rose was being one sided and looking out for herself and they are looking kinda true, like did she even have steven because she wanted him or wanted to be the closest thing to human?
May 15, 18 at 6:10pm
wow, my mind is shook for the third time in a week XD that's a pretty interesting theory. and about the summer promo, saphire lost her mind. like where did she go?! But i know we all know she's going to be back soon after ruby talks to her.
May 15, 18 at 6:17pm
I know her whole character is coming into question now, and I don't know things have changed a lot I think it would shake us all if sapphire doesn't come back right away like this is pretty big to have been lied to for thousands of years you're whole relationship was created from someone who lied that to a degree knew about the experiments that home world and the diamonds where doing force fusions on innocent gems of a war that was started because was being selfish and narrow minded
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