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Lynes started Hello~
Feb 12, 18 at 10:22pm

Hello, nice to meet you all.
I am a bit old, but hoping to find some friends that also likes to watch anime,play games or draw!
I live in Canada/Toronto; would be awesome to find some anime loving friends around there!

Anyway, feel free to talk to me~ I maybe introvert outside world...but I think I am fine on internet.

jakratchet12 commented on Hello~
Feb 12, 18 at 10:58pm

Welcome to the site

Leo The Wolf commented on Hello~
Feb 12, 18 at 11:50pm

Welcome to the site man! Don't worry about age, we're all pretty chill, and many are introverted and shy just like you. You'll fit in just fine.

Lynes commented on Hello~
Feb 13, 18 at 6:51am

Thanks, nice to meet you all :)

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