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What happened to HIghschool Of The Dead?

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Correct me if i'm wrong but i understand the producer passed away.

But i'm still shocked no one else stepped in and the franchise was just lost in a hiatus.

It was quite a popular anime and manga, had a lot of potential both for viewers and producers. Seems easily marketable, could have reeled in a lot of capital and even rival other mainstream franchises.

I know there are a lot of short, bitter-sweet anime out there but i really think HOTD did not get the success it deserved.

Plus i want another season! Despite the epic fan service the plot is pretty good.

It sucks to see it fade away.

I'm guessing its gonna be complicated as for who owns the rights now to the franchise but someone should still try get it going again, whether it be another artist or publisher to buy out the rights.

nashor_senpai commented on What happened to HIghschool Of The Dead?
Dec 25, 17 at 8:21pm

I don't really know but i think i heard that the anime was only made to make the manga popular, like 80% of the short animes nowadays so it never had any kind of future to start with, then the manga continued till X (i never bothered to read it tho) and as you said, the produced passed away.


Apparently zombie apocalypse themes arent popular in japan as they are here in the us. Hence why we dont get that many zombie anime literally only 2 anime have went that direction. Highschool of the dead which was super fucking echhi and showed more boobs than zombies (why? Cuz if you throw boobs in there anyone will watch it. i mean look at how well some youtube vids do). Then we have kabaneri of the iron fortress which was pretty much a zombie anime but didnt call them zombies. Literally the only 2 zombie apocalypse themed anime i have found. (No kore wa zombie desu ka and sankarea dont count cuz they arent centered around mindless walking corpses) sure HOTD might have been popular but i doubt the have a problem with licensing if they wanted to they would come up with the rights to it somehow. It might be the fact they dont have enough material to go off of....orrrr its been way too long since they made the first season and bringing back an anime like that is a huge risk especially when zombie anime arent popular.

Dec 25, 17 at 11:31pm

Hmm thats a shame its not that popular in Japan if thats true.

I'm not really into apocalyptic themes but i found HOTD to be quite interesting yet dark. Not a fan of senseless ecchi but i guess it kind of fits with the theme of horror movies, for whatever reason maybe the audience feels more attached to seeing a hot character die lol?

I genuinely thought it was a pretty big hit and considering how many people wanted another season.

Maybe not an anime but at least the manga which i just started reading. Can't believe they just left it though.

And what's up with health related issues concerning the anime industry? I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time i've heard of something like that happening. It really sucks something like that had to happen.


Well mangaka get paid little to nothing for hours of work. That and weekly quotas that have them hunched over a desk for hours trying to reach. Its more of like a career meant for those who are passionate about it rather than trying to make a living from it. Often mangaka die from overwork if they dont watch their health and give themselves breaks.

Well alot of anime are popular but never get a second season or have delays between seasons. I mean look at attack on titan it seemed super popular but didnt get a second season until recently. It seems like ecchi anime/moe blobs and mech anime are whats popular in japan seeing as there are always anime like that every season yet we get like one or two action anime. Most of their money doesnt even come from the anime tbh its the merch that makes money. The anime is just there to make the series more known so people go buy the manga and anime merch.

I doubt we will ever get a second season of HOTD which is a shame cuz the anime had potential


I think it's best not to get ones hopes up for anything. Unless it has a stupid amount of luck like code geasis for coming back.


The HOTD manga went on hiatus and then the author passed away.

Jan 10, 18 at 4:24pm

Considering it has been 8 years it would seem arbitrary to pick up again, although I think they should go the route of Firefly, make a movie depicting where the manga/show left off and then maybe come up with its own ending. Otherwise despite the "risk" I think the fans should be entitled to an adaptation with a conclusive ending...

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