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Gundam Versus Fans?

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Nov 03, 17 at 2:19am

Anyone out there play gundam versus? What do u guys think AND does anybody like to play ranked seriously n stuff? I do though i'm too shy to ask people to play with me even though the thrill is amazing.
Also what's your favorite gundams? Mine is Exia

Nov 03, 17 at 2:25am

I kind of want to get it because it's game play reminds me of Virtual On which played a lot of in the arcades. The fact that this has Gundams makes me want to get it even more xD. At the moment my favorite is Barbatos.

Nov 03, 17 at 2:42am

If you're okay with peer to peer connection and somewhat lacking single player (there is some stuff but it feels lifeless without fighting against real people) then i highly recommend it.

I also love the Virtual On 3d fighter type games (even though i never played the original Virtual On) and it totally has that arcade frantic "move the joystick until it breaks" type of gameplay with both room for casuals and people who want to become ultimate gundam pilots and feel like a allelujah haptism just like "Your mind can't keep up with your reactions, THIS IS THE ULTIMATE SUPER SOLDIER >:DDDDD"

and yas, barbotos is awesome, even in the game he is like an actual demon just like in the anime because his battle style involves long melee combos and chasing you down and when i fight against him it's like "just let me get some rAnGeFuCknf gEtAwAaaAAa8201Ay AA0NI*@*)@$H."

but i reccommend it super biasedly as a fan of these games and gundam so it seems awesome for you but i can't say for others :(

Nov 04, 17 at 11:47am

That perfect since I love fast paced pvp!!!! I might get it on payday xD Yes!!! I love how Barbatos was like a demon it was more personified that Mikazuki!!! Mikazuki acted more like a robot but I'm pretty sure that's what they wanted to portray.

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