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Oct 20, 17 at 3:39pm

If people would like to play league of legends feel free to add me. name Support Freak ( EUW )

I'm also online on steam most of the time.

Oct 20, 17 at 3:42pm

lol hi cutie im intrested to play with you i add you on league and steam cuz u seem cute xd

For anyone wanting to add me LOL: respect me plz


Nov 07, 17 at 1:41pm

I added you. I haven't been playing LoL much but I will be back at playing it now with the new season hype and new game mode. My name is 0FoxesGiven.

Nov 07, 17 at 9:48pm

My League handle is OG Nepgear. Sometimes on sometimes not, really depends on the mood.

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