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Oct 03, 17 at 3:52pm

Is there a way to add missing images to anime in the database? If not, it would be useful.

Oct 03, 17 at 4:00pm

I'm getting an error when I add anime with long names. The anime still shows up in the list. However the picture is missing, despite being present when it was submitted.

Oct 06, 17 at 11:58am

Would it be possible to add an if statement to the 'edit page' that inserts an option for adding an image, if the data for the image comes back null or empty.

Oct 08, 17 at 5:22pm

Right now I get an Error message every time I try to add an anime to the database with an image attached.

I suppose it's good that the anime aren't getting added to the database now even though there's an error. But right now I can only add anime to the database without images, and that's kind of counter productive. I'd prefer not to.

dekudan commented on Anime Database
Oct 09, 17 at 5:08pm

Yeah, I'm running into the same problem.

Oct 15, 17 at 8:38pm

Still can't add anime to the database with pictures attached.

Feb 01, 18 at 11:12pm

I can't seem to add things at all. Starting to think this site is dead.

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