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Console Collection!

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Oct 01, 17 at 9:35pm

Post your console collections here! I'll start.

Gameboy Advance (White)
Gameboy SP
Nintendo DS (Original)
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS XL
Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
I'm hoping to get the SNES classic, but I'm sure it'll sell out quick before I can get my hands on it.

Oct 01, 17 at 10:19pm

I have:
AV Famicom (Japanese NES II)
Mega Drive
Super NES Mini modified for region free use
2 Japanese Sega Saturn
Nintendo 64 (Two, both NTSC-J, gold and regular black)
2 Sega Dreamcast (region-free modded)
Playstation 2
Xbox 360
Wii U

Game Boy Advance SP AGS 101
New 3DS

Additionally I have an SGI Indy used by Acclaim Entertainment to develop Nintendo64 games, the full Nintendo64 development software and over 500 games across all of these platforms.

Oct 01, 17 at 10:27pm

Nice, I thought about adding my list of games, but that's too much for me to list. Also I'm just lazy.

LSP commented on Console Collection!
Oct 14, 17 at 12:14am

I have:

Original Nintendo Entertainment System (sadly it does not work anymore)
Nintendo 64
Game Boy Advanced SP
Game Boy Micro
Game Cube
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo 3DS
Play Station 3
Play Station Vita
Play Station 4

While I did not own them I also used to play a lot of Sega Genesis, PS1, PS2 and Super Nintendo with friends/ family.

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