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Dragon Ball Fighter Z

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Sep 02, 17 at 6:43pm

Putting this up ahead of time, because I'm super stoked for the game coming out! What system y'all getting it on?

Gonta Cheeto commented on Dragon Ball Fighter Z
Gonta Cheeto
Sep 02, 17 at 9:01pm

No clue I gave away my PS4 and Xbox 1

Maybe I'll get it for PS4, I wanna main krillin he is my husbando

Sep 03, 17 at 12:57am

Mad props for you to try him out. His close range game is gonna be lacking, but if you can utilize it as well as his zoning, he's gonna be awesome to see live. :)

I'm gonna get it for PC. As tempting as that collector's edition is going to be for consoles, I feel this'll be a better investment.

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