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Sep 02, 17 at 11:43am

so i'm just curious to see who has steam and what kind of games do you guys have and have group for gaming and such

Sep 02, 17 at 12:56pm

I'm too poor for steam..that aside just picked up dead by daylight and this very interesting party game called ultimate chicken horse lol

Sep 03, 17 at 10:44am

That is sad mate. Well I never heard of those games but steam is free mate

Sep 03, 17 at 4:10pm

I have over 100 games.

- Every Valve game except Dota and some CS:GO/HL addons.

- Total War from Rome to Rome 2.

- A Mismatch of Paradox Stragedy Games.

- Survival Games "7DTD, Day Z ext."

- Every Bethesda Game

I'm sure there's more but I can't remember them right now.

Sep 03, 17 at 8:21pm

I've had a Steam account for about 8 years now, and I have 747 games in total. The quantity doesn't matter as much as the quality of your library, but I can't turn down steam sales ;--;.

On PC, I mainly play open world games and shooters, and I play RPG's and exclusives on consoles. Best of both worlds, honestly, because some games feel better depending on the location and control layout.

Sep 03, 17 at 9:30pm

i have 84 games but only play PUBG for the most part. Over than that its overwatch or league

Sep 03, 17 at 10:08pm

Well I just got steam over a year ago and barely have about 20 games mainly survival and open world games still waiting for steam to have a good sale
Lately ive been playing Rust and Pubg so if anyone wants to play I'm all up for it
My steam is wallace1090

Sep 04, 17 at 11:18am

Well then finding you in like a needle in a hay stack xD 11k people with the same name lol you can try find me I doubt theres many with my name

Sep 04, 17 at 3:06pm

Added you mate

Sep 05, 17 at 10:53pm

so close

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