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Anime With Exploding Clothes

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So do any of you folks enjoy shows like New Cutie Honey or Dirty Pair Flash? I'm somewhat new to the whole cute and sexy transformation genre; and beside the standard monocle-viewing I'm wondering how often this sort of cultural spoof is used, for anime in general? I'm actually starting to see a pattern where the gals all have blissful and relaxed facial expressions, as if their clothing is some sort of combination ocean/sauna and they're completely in tune with the magical energies. They seem cool with their bodies as opposed to experiencing shame or going on the warpath like we would expect in Western culture.

Anyhow, let's have an almost serious discussion on this subject! *sets the door ajar with a picket sign, then stirs a tin of baked beans*

Sep 27, 17 at 2:58pm


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