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Do you store your animes on physical media?

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My small but most complete collection of my favorite animes on a 5TB external hard drive. Tend to store file that are in 720p or SD format. I also share this folder over the network, so I stream shows/movies to my phone or tablet.

Do you keep your animes in digital format on internal/external hard drives like I do? Burn or buy DVD/Blu-ray discs? Do you watch and delete or stream? Or other?

Please let me know! Oh and if you tend to prefer one of those methods, please share your personal cons and pros. I would love to know!

(edit: I've checked on the internet, there's normally no plural version of the word 'anime' like in the title. Whoops!)


YES! Of course I do. And 1 copy is never enough. Asides from storing them on an external hard-drive I also copy them on DVD discs because backups can be lifesavers and because I don't want for the DVD player to become abandonned and neglected.
When it comes to the preservation of data for numerous decades then I am a true proud champion.
If only people and relationships were as easy to handle as digital media. *sigh*

Aug 24, 17 at 12:40pm

Honestly I delete everything I download, after I'm sure I won't rewatch it, or any scene from it any time soon.


I used to download but now I just stream.

Aug 27, 17 at 4:42am

Depends. I don't wanna download shows with 100+ episodes. I also delete mediocre seasonal shows.

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