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Finished Restoring an AE86

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Took a bit of TLC, but she runs perfectly now, Did some drifts around lamp posts in a parking lot at 2am but I don't think I'm gunna be racing it any time soon, the older parts are kinda hard to find since they're JDM

Tell me what you guys think!

Aug 27, 17 at 4:26am

Love seeing a AE86 and perfectly polished one too! Which parts did you had to replace?

Aug 27, 17 at 6:39am

In Japan, it became difficult to get old car parts after 3.11.

Aug 27, 17 at 7:36am

Diplomatista, I had to replace the break pads, the entire clutch system, some fuses in the engine and some knocked up suspension. Some small engine and exhaust pieces as well as interior work, a brand new paint job, and some tweaking on the pop up headlights. It was a lot of work lol.

And Suna, that's accurate. The JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) has gotten more and more expensive and exclusive over the years with old parts from the 80's being hard to find.

Aug 27, 17 at 6:30pm

AE86? Is it from japan or is it a US-spec that has been converted over?

I'm trying to make a LHD clone of the Mitsubishi GTO MR

Aug 27, 17 at 8:42pm

It's a Japanese import, in the right seat is my buddy taking it for a test run.

Mitsubishi Gto's are really nice cars, Almost got a 3000gt, I love any car with pop up headlights.

Aug 27, 17 at 9:25pm

100% jelly, It's definitely up there when it comes to dream car territory! Pop up headlights are insanely attractive <3

Aug 27, 17 at 10:56pm

I don't have a popup headlight GTO

Aug 28, 17 at 4:46am

Still a great car Berserker <:

And yeah Codename, I have only dreamed of having a car like this. We've been the talk of the town in our little Rice Racer, and god I fucking love pop ups aaaaaaaaa

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