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Literary RP Thread ~*The Island Of Lost Spirits*~

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Jul 20, 17 at 10:24am

The Island of Lost Spirits...

Far off, in the middle of the ocean, there is an uncharted island. A place filled with fantastic and terrible things. A place, that when anyone visits, they never return to the world of whence they came. The island lies somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. But many believe it is not a part of this earth at all, that there is a portal in the water, a portal that takes ships and crashes them into the forsaken island.

It is filled with ravenous monsters, looking for those who end up marooned in this place, waiting to eat them. There is little food and water to be found, and it is difficult to live here very long with beasts stalking the island's residents.
However, life always finds a way, and there are small cabins here and there with but a mere few survivors eking out a small existence.

1. Anyone is welcome to join in! But please, in your first post try to describe your character in writing, or put up a picture of them so everyone knows what he/she looks like. :D

2. Please, no Power Playing or God Modeling, it's no fun when there is an invincible character or when someone else takes control of your character.

3. Try to write OOC (out of character) when you are talking so everyone knows it's you and not your character talking. This will prevent some confusion.

4. Have fun!!!

I will make another post momentarily talking a bit about the island along with a map.

Jul 20, 17 at 11:17am

Please forgive the poor quality of the artwork here- I haven't worked with watercolors in a very long time and wasn't feeling very well when I made this. I know I should have made the top of the mountain flatter, and put more detail into it, but um... it's good enough I guess.
The current setting is in modern day, but the island has sort of a medieval feel. There are swords found in the ruins, no electricity, no phone service ect. However the ships that crash are usually modern, with conveniences that can be found on board.

Anyway, I numbered each landmark so you know what each one is and I will describe each one in detail below:

1: The area of shipwrecks. You probably can't tell from the map because they look like brown blobs, but those are crashed ships on those shores. The beach there is jagged and hard from the volcanic remains of the mountain in the center.

2: The lake of pillars. A mysterious lake surrounded by four ancient tall pillars, two of which have fallen. It's one of the only sources of fresh water on the island, which means residents will need to go there at some point, as well as bloodthirsty monsters.

3: The heart of the island, the great mountain Galatea. The forest around it is where most of the beasts reside, making it the most dangerous place for a person to go.

4: The gentle woods and the volcanic flat lands, this is a good place for hunting and setting up shelter. Although there is jagged volcanic rock- not good for walking barefoot.

5: The ancient ruins. Nobody knows who lived here in the past, all that is left is a great spire that stands above the ruins of ancient buildings.

6: The ancient beast colossus, it has been here for millennia, always watching the ocean waves. It looks even older than the ruins not far from it. It is so lifelike it looks almost like a beast that had been turned to stone, one that could come to life at any moment. Some say that they can hear a heartbeat within.

7: The great woods, far larger than the gentle forest, this is a much more dangerous place to live, but is far more abundant with fruit and animals to hunt.

I will go ahead and start the roleplay in my next post. ^-^

Jul 20, 17 at 11:51am

Branwen is a woman who is around 18-20 years of age, although she isn't really sure herself. Her parents perished when she was shipwrecked here as a baby, and was taken and raised by woman on the island named Catrina, although Catrina perished many years ago.
Branwen has been living here alone ever since, using the sword and bow passed down to her from her adoptive mother to defend herself. She lives in a cabin close to the ocean near the gentle forest ((area 4)) and acts as a guide to all those who end up here.

On a bright sunny day, she sat with her sword at her side, and a lit pipe in her hand. She was smoking a plant called mullein as she watched the gentle waves of the ocean. Although she was relaxing, she always felt on edge, especially as she slept. Even though beasts generally didn't come around this area, they occasionally would.
Her pipe seemed to have gone out, so with a deep sigh she stood from her spot. It seemed there were no shipwrecks today. She had been searching all over the island for anybody, anyone to talk to... but it seemed that anyone who had lived close to her had been eaten.
When she arrived at her meager cabin, she began to dig through what little food she had. She needed to go hunting soon- there was hardly anything to eat. She winced at the thought. It seemed that the beasts has already eaten each and every animal in the woods, food and water were so scarce. She sat on her bed, eating a piece of rabbit jerky, contemplating exactly what to do.

ooc;// If anyone would like me to, I will draw pictures of what the beasts look like later. ^-^

BTW, here's what Branwen looks like:


i think both pieces look lovely, and island like. and fit well ^^. not poor at all.


Ok I'll give it a shot, kinda have never done this before so bare with me

Name: Leo

Was a mercenary working out of Spain till a job went wrong. Stowed away on a freighter heading to America when the boat got caught in the storm. When the hull was breached he tried to get some supplies and find a lifeboat. When he arrived on deck the crew was in a panic, not even caring where the new face came from. Before Leo could escape he noticed a young man, not even looking to be 18, trapped with his leg under a beam. The other crew were running to the boats leaving him, Leo stopped and looked at this kid. Cursing under his breath he went and lifted the beam enough just so the kid could escape. He helped him on his good foot and took him towards the lifeboats. He helped the kid in but right before Leo could get in himself, flying debris through him overboard. Last he remembered was falling, the air pushed out of his chest from the impact and the cold water.

Leo woke up around on a beach, coughing furiously. When he was alright he took a good look around. He had no clue where he was, all he could see was what looked like ruins (area 5). He decided he'd make his way there. As he made his way there, he couldn't help but feel like he was being watched. As he made his way inside he found crumbled pillars and skeletons all over. He found one with a sword, shield and some armor that barley look like it was holding together. Leo thought," I hope he doesn't mind if I use this."When he finished, he walked out still feeling an in easy presence. Not knowing what to do he looked around and said "North, north sounds good"

And hers a picture I found on the internet so you get an idea

Jul 23, 17 at 8:44am

Branwen stood from her bed and gently stretched after she had finished her small meal. She packed a skin filled with water and a few meager rations for her trip. She sighed, thinking repeatedly to herself, "if I don't catch something now, I will go hungry." She slung her bow and quiver over her shoulder and exited the cabin.
She took deep breaths of the salty ocean air as she began to ascend a high hill. And when at the peak, she spotted something. She lifted her bow, thinking for a moment that it might have been a monster, but lowered it to get a better look at what it was. It was so far away, beyond the woods. And for a quick moment, she stared in disbelief. A person!
He likely wouldn't hear her from that distance, but called anyway, "AHOY!" she cried. She slung her bow around her shoulder, and began to wave her arms.


Leo kept a steady pace, figuring he'd find something relatively close to shelter. As he was starting to think he might change directions he heard a voice, couldn't make out what it said but began looking about frantically. "Thank god I'm not alone he thought". He then notice a woman running his way. Thankful that he might find help he started to sprint. Thinking to himself he thought "first impressions count, don't do something stupid" as he lifted his hand and screamed "HELLO TH..." mid run he tripped on a rock... he turned over and said "smooth Leo, real smooth"


This looks like alot of fun.

Name: Arthur Lapiné

Age: 22

Nationality: Breton

Arthur was born in a north-west part of france in a small village consisting of mainly farmers, hunters and other working folk. During his childhood and teenage years, he learnt his father's trade of hunting. When he was 18 years old a large sea raid utterly destroyed his home, his neighbours and kidnapped him from his parents. During the sea-voyage home, a large storm tore apart the raider's fleet and sent hundreds of men to their deaths in the deep waters below. Although Arthur does not remember exactly what happened, he found himself drifting on a large piece of what seemed to be the bow of a ship. He looked around to see where he was, firstly all he could see was mist but soon a strange island began to come into view. Arthur waited until the currents brought him closer before diving from the broken bow and made his way to the island. On the beach, he searched and collected a few pieces of equipment which looked like it came from the Raider's fleet. He took a bow, a axe and as many arrows and bits of clothing that he could find. That was four years ago and Arthur has become withdrawn from society, focusing on survival in this new eviroment rather than looking for others. He set up a camp in the great woods (Location 7).

Jul 23, 17 at 9:29am

Branwen began to clear the distance between herself and the man she saw, and saw him fall. She ran to his side and asked breathlessly, "are you okay? You hurt?"
She began to rustle through her pack until she found her water skin, it was made from the leather of one of the beasts she and her adoptive mother had slain, and she always cherished it. "You must be parched, who knows how long you've been here without water?" she then held the skin out to him.


Before Leo knew it the woman he saw running his way was with him and was legitimately worried about him. He thought "I'm glad she's nice." He removed the helmet and began to drank, trying to not drink it all to be considerate to her. When he gave it back he noticed her clothes, if he had to guess, he would assume she lived here (either a castaway or born.) He got self conscious since he hadn't said anything, so he figured he should introduce himself. He stood up 6 feet tall (so you get an idea of how tall) and gave her his hand saying "I'm Leo, I'm very happy to meet you!"

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