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isnt Dragon ball Z & Dragon ball kai the same ? or the difference between hunter xhunter & hunter x hunter 2011 ??

MaiOtaku Forums > Anime News and Discussion > isnt Dragon ball Z & Dragon ball kai the same ? or the difference between hunter xhunter & hunter x hunter 2011 ??

ik its been a debate for most of u but ik for the fact kai is remastered and has different anime voice actors but other than that isnt the same story line the samething ? theirs no new additional story line to it. Another one is the hunter x hunter i really dont see the difference between those is partically the same thing so can someone explain why they recreated or the differences between those 2 ?


Aside from the animation and maybe the voice actors, far as I know they animated/did scenes differently so same story but different stuff!


Dragon Ball Kai is a new edited version of Dragon Ball Z to be more like the manga (filler removed, etc.) while also upscaling it with modern tech and what not. Other than that it's the same thing.

In the case of Hunter x Hunter: The original anime didn't adapt the Chimera Ant arc and beyond but the new 2011 Madhouse adaptation does while of course also re-adapting what the 1999/2000's anime and OVA's did. Also the original had a couple filler episodes not adapted from the manga if I recall correctly.


Dragon Ball Z Kai is indeed the same story as Z however it has accurate translations and interpretations of the characters. This really makes a difference, Goku is not the super hero persona that he has in Z. Which is refreshing and good to see. Also it has way better voice acting as well as dialogue in most scenes. Their are some where Z is still better but Kai is the better product overall and is the way i prefer to watch the Z storyline now :D


There are differences and the censorship thing, cut and modified scenes. Love the original one even though it looks old when you watch it again but it was the one I loved growing up. And the new voices are hell to my ears!!! I was wondering the same about HunterxHunter like what's the difference? which one should I watch? Still don't know...


dragon ball z kai was a remake with a few changes. I have to say that I looooove the original! that's my childhood right there ;333

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