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Anime Expo SUCK ASSSS.

Jul 09, 17 at 3:16am

SOooo went to anime expo 2017.

sucked sooo much asss, Do not recommend to anyone who lives out of state, unless your going for the Anisong concerts, otherwise its a total shit fest / waste of money.
Head my warning or face total disappointment.

hazydayz commented on Anime Expo SUCK ASSSS.
Jul 09, 17 at 3:24am
This account has been suspended.
Jul 09, 17 at 5:24am

Sorry Travis, we do our best. I've tried to get the lines to run smoothly but no one in upper management wants to listen

Jul 09, 17 at 11:36am

There was a time years ago that I could enjoy AX when the crowds weren't as massive and badge pick ups....reasonable. This year no and I'm never going back.

Jul 09, 17 at 1:07pm

I enjoyed it. Had fun cosplaying too.

Jul 09, 17 at 4:06pm

the thing i had the most issues with was the caps for events. like i can understand if a panel etc. is full to not let anyone else in. But if some ppl leave, they should let others waiting in. every premiere thing i went too didnt let anyone else in when it was full even though some ppl left. thats just inconsiderate and stupid.

Jul 09, 17 at 4:10pm

day 0 and 1 had no issues getting into anything. but days 2-4 sucked dick. there was literally no getting into 95% of any panel, premiere etc. 150,000 attendees is too much, and the not letting others into a full event when others leave is assholeish too. not too mention the fucked up autograph system. 150 tickets only vs 150,000 attendess. its like playing the god dam megamillions. its pointless to even your money and go to any other local con thats not AX. youll have more fun and wayyy less bullshit to deal with.

Jul 09, 17 at 4:12pm

only worth it for the Anisong concerts. Nothing more. Dealers room was dissapointing as well. after going thru about 10 booths. the rest are preactically the same, just mutlplied x 10.

Jul 09, 17 at 5:33pm

Eh, I had fun with it. Though I could definitely see it being a bust if you had to wait in long lines and didn't have any cool folks to meet up with. Anison concert was fun.

Jul 09, 17 at 9:55pm

The last two days were okay, there were less people.

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