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E3 Predicitions

It's time for E3 again :D What games do think will be announced or what already announced games will have new footage (maybe an actual release date)? Probably some new footage for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. There are some speculations about a "Tales of" game for the Nintendo Switch. Maybe they'll announce it there, hopefully not a simple port. Well, a port of a "Tales of" game that never got translated would be OK too :P
Jun 11, 17 at 5:11am
I hope more footage for KH3 comes out even though they just released some today from the orchestra. Its never enough. Super excited for FF7 tooo although I heard its too early in the process to release anything juicy and official.
Jun 11, 17 at 5:31am
If they announced a port/localisation of PS3's Vesperia just for the Switch, I will be on the floor. Fans having be asking for it for ages and to make Vesperia an exclusive again would just be hilarious. I think some kind of information on FF7 and KH3 is bound to happen. I wanna hear and see some more information about that Dragon Ball fighters game by Arc System Works and also eager to see if anything about Project Octopath Traveler comes up. Other than that, I have no idea. I haven't really been looking around for new game information because I still have a massive back log to get through, so I will go in hopefully being pleasantly surprised this E3.
@Soulless_Cry Tales of Vesperia on the go would be really nice. Well, there is a fan translation patch for the PS3 version (http://www.talesofvesperia.net/), although you need a modified PS3 (one that can run homebrew) to be able to play it with the patch. An official translation is of course much better ;)
Nintendo better announce a new f zero and metroid and mother 3 games
Jun 11, 17 at 10:43am
SHAQ FU YO! jk jk X'D
That new KH3 trailer tho T-T
KH 3 YES!*^*
Jun 11, 17 at 2:25pm
"a port/localisation of PS3's Vesperia" "Nintendo better announce a new f zero and metroid and mother 3 games" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztVMib1T4T4 That said, I'd be glad if I was wrong.
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