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Well, It's been announced for a while now and the 1st teaser trailer is finally here

What are your thoughts on Netflix's Death Note?
Keep in mind it hasn't come out yet and just post your feelings on this

[made this thread yesterday, but it disappeared]

An Underling of the Void commented on Netfilx's Death Note
An Underling of the Void
Mar 23, 17 at 12:53pm

I'm really really curious about this, a little bit excited too. Seeing the Death Note story in a new and different jacket is pretty awesome in itself, in my opinion.

Gurren921 commented on Netfilx's Death Note
Mar 23, 17 at 12:56pm

Netflix is usually pretty good with their shows. William DaFoe was perfectly cast


I agree with you Gurren, Willem DaFoe was an amazing (perfect) casting choice for Ryuk

Mar 23, 17 at 1:01pm

10/10 even my gay brother against weeaboism would watch. Would recommend, dunno if marry, give it a try *is poor af can't afford netflix in Venezuela*

freakz commented on Netfilx's Death Note
Mar 23, 17 at 2:19pm

I am really concerned actually. The trailer didn´t get me hyped actually let´s just hope it´s going to be at least acceptable to watch lol


well it is a "Teaser" Trailer, so expect the actual trailer to come soon

freakz commented on Netfilx's Death Note
Mar 23, 17 at 2:28pm

Well yeah but still I was fine with the Anime and Manga, the movies were a bit too weirdish I guess the last movie was based on the light novel which was kinda cool to see but a series now on netflix :/

manny_heart commented on Netfilx's Death Note
Mar 24, 17 at 11:11pm

I think they had a very very great and easy opportunity to come up with something new and creative. They already had a strong foundation a very strong foundation! seeing how Death Note was incredibly popular and sold almost everywhere! they had an easy chance to create something fresh and modern that would obviously sell instead of recreating and rewriting a well known story. which in my opinion is much more difficult and messier to do lol d: and as we have seen countless times before, remakes and recreations almost never do as great or live up to i'ts originals especially when it comes to Animations and graphic novels. *cough* dragonball *cough* the last airbender *cough* fantastic four, just to name a few lol.

In my personal opinion and interest i would have loved to see a spiritual successor film to death note (:
for instance and I'm just quick thinking of the top of my head here, they could have done something like this:

a generation later 20+ yrs or so after the Kira phenomenon the world has finally recuperated over the the events that have haunted societies across the globe. but the world has changed so much since then, causing a drastic rift and feud between people who had experienced a world before and during the kira incidents "the kira generation" who have grown to live a paranoid and anxiety filled lifestyle trying to adapt and adjust to this new world and its rules. and the more complacent younger post-kira generation who never had to witness or live through the various drastic changes that came after.

now we can do a scenario where a Shinigami (not ryuk or maybe ryuk, whatevs) drops or losses his death note somewhere in U.S territory. a young boy, let's name him Samuel C. Roberts. finds it and ends up learning what it is, well aware of it's history & power. and now once again the world will be rocked and changed forever by the Death Note.

lol idk just my opinion and idea XD

Mar 24, 17 at 11:33pm

I heard about this but I thought it was fake. It better be good. Death note is one of my fav anime/manga.

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