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MaiOtaku Presidential Debate Finale 2020

@kuharido I know things about you that are pretty disgusting dont dare to fight me
Not really you stated that you brought someone from discord. Talking about you didn’t invite them so you could lose to a script, want me to show you a screen capture to refresh your memory?
@wasistdas you know that I use preperation h wipes? https://media1.tenor.com/images/bde8389a6774ac40c684a08534e6f774/tenor.gif?itemid=15759510
If they are already on the site why do you need to force them to vote and invite them to discord. I just find it fascinating, not really jealousy.
Dude, Amir won anyway. Where the hell did 60 votes between them come from?
Is Barky bitching cause he lost a thing we're doing for fun that has no impact on us?
From users that don’t use mo anymore, but still have been here at some point so they made friends.
I don't really care about the votes that much. My problem is Barky whining over a little game we're playing.
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