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PAP: Relationship Goals

Mar 10, 23 at 2:35pm
The novelty of it wears off quicker than you'd think.... Maybe I've been spoiled? Meh...
I've never had a partner so I wouldn't know.
All good. I didn't even have sex until I was almost thirty. One marriage and two kids later.... Yeah... Ain't no rush, my friend.XD
@yaasshat But it is good to experiment in bed every now and then isn't it?
@projectotakux I mean, it adds spice. I'd say it's more important and sexy to have a true connection. Add emotional intimacy with physical intimacy? *Boom* Absolutely mind blowing. Been having quite a few conversations about that, myself. Think of sex as the cherry and not the whole Sunday. I do like my cherry, though...;P I'll be honest, I'm not sure why exactly you asked that? However, no question is sacred to me.
Idk, I guess I wanted to ask someone with more experience in this area since I have had very minimal experience in this part of relationships.
Well, the best I can explain it is like this. Every woman I've ever been with, it was like new or the first time. Sure,the mechanics are always the same, but every person has something different and new to add to the mix. That's why emotional intimacy and not just physical intimacy is so very important. Of course, that's if you want a serious thing versus a fling(Sorta had a fling a couple of years ago, albeit for three months. Or I should say, I came to the realization that's exactly what it was.). My point is, you'll know what you need to know when you meet the person you need to know. The physical comes naturally, new or "experienced". The caring, the loving, the paying attention, the listening, the looooooving...etc Those things? They're learned and built upon.
Mar 17, 23 at 8:40am
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