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Sub or Dub?

Cero commented on Sub or Dub?
Jan 12, 18 at 4:18am


oneman commented on Sub or Dub?
Jan 12, 18 at 5:25am

I'm an audiophile with OCD issues, so whatever comes first. I love RWBY, but feel off with subs when I started with dubs. Same goes for Devil May Cry.

I generally care more about what pleases my ears rather than anything else. It is just that more than ever, subs have a better average when it comes to voices.

Jan 12, 18 at 4:16pm

SUBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!! why would anyone ever dub. It's like liking Coca Cola and drinking Pepsi, it's all kinds of wrong

darkspirit commented on Sub or Dub?
Jan 14, 18 at 12:16pm

Why I almost read sub or dom.. :/ Fucked up brains..
anyway subbed.. dubbed is fine also, but I like those Japanese voices and the subtitles:P

lon_master commented on Sub or Dub?
Jan 16, 18 at 7:01pm

Subbed most times.

HennyXee commented on Sub or Dub?
Jan 16, 18 at 8:18pm

Both, I'm weird

Chocopyro commented on Sub or Dub?
Jan 24, 18 at 11:13pm

Fricken just let me watch anime. I don't care if it's subbed or dubbed.

GunvoltX commented on Sub or Dub?
Jan 25, 18 at 12:10am

For me, it depends on the anime. Some dubs are just not very good for various reasons, however, some are good. Usually, if I'm watching an anime I've never seen before, I'll try to watch the dub. The only one anime I don't like dubbed is One Piece. One Piece is much better subbed in my opinion. As for everything else, I don't mind either dubbed or subbed.

Jan 29, 18 at 3:28am

I will admit I do enjoy some dubs though.

Leo The Wolf commented on Sub or Dub?
Feb 07, 18 at 6:36am

You know you've been in the wrong places too often, when you read sub or dom, first instead of dub.

But back to topic, Depends on the anime. Stuff like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, Dub is a must. Most other things unless I know they have a good dub, I go sub. So I watch overall, 8/10 in sub. But, I would prefer dub if they're both good.

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