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PS4,Xbox1 or Pc

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Apr 06, 17 at 2:18am

The Xbox controller just does not suit me but the PS4 controller now that I can handle

Apr 17, 17 at 5:27am

Malfunction malfunction, my brain can't decide...

Apr 24, 17 at 9:27am

Like them all because I want to be able to play any game and everything has exclusives.

Apr 24, 17 at 9:32am

out of those choices.?.. Ps4 hands down.

Apr 24, 17 at 11:07am





PC and PS4

RainX commented on PS4,Xbox1 or Pc
Apr 24, 17 at 7:30pm

PC and Nintendo at this point. For the bulk of the sixth and seventh generations, I did the console agnostic thing owning all the platforms. At the start of the eighth, I decided to cut back to just PS4, Wii U, and portables. PS4 was sold last year to help pay for the PC I have now, and Switch has obviously replaced Wii U. To me there is minimal point owning an Xbox One now with all major MS first party titles coming to W10.

I always jokingly say you basically have to be an unemployed lottery winner to enjoy and have the time to play everything that comes out nowadays. Having all the platforms is great on paper so you won't hypothetically miss anything, but for me personally, I just cut back to the primary two now because it's just easier to purchase for. I still get a wide selection of games to pick from that frankly even then I won't have enough time to play anyways.

Apr 25, 17 at 2:08am

PC master race lol :p

Apr 25, 17 at 9:27am

I play on pc,
ps vita

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