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I am watching anime and being paid at the same time

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I love my job, I am at episode 14 of GTO right now, watched it a number of times always love it.

But getting paid at the same time is awesome!


I do the same and talk to you fellow anime enthusiasts as well. The machine I am currently running runs for 2hrs 25 mins before I have to intervene unless something goes wrong. GTO is amazing one of my all time favorites.


I know I wish I had a teacher like Onizuka back in the day, probably would have gone to school more often LOL


Lol, The Followup Manga Paradise Lost is good as well, I highly recommend it there up to chapter 79.


Snap yeah I gotta get that, I have not yet


wait hold on a sec sir charles your getting paid to watch anime :O


Not directly, I work for a company that remotely does Internet/Computer repairs, so I work from home and get to watch anime all day or play the video games or just assault these boards with my own unique form of crazy.


remote internet repairs :D.

"okey mis, could you turn on teamviewer so that we can follow your actions en help you with your internet access problems"

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