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Jun 16, 21 at 10:58am


Actually you are more or less correct both times. There's no real solid definition for what makes someone "a furry" short of the fursuit thing. Aside from that it's kind of a self association thing. It's like what they said in Big Bang theory, "not all hot tubs are Jacuzzis but all Jacuzzis are hot tubs". Most people just make assumptions that if you're a furry then there's something sexual involved.

vinny @vinny_ commented on Confessions
Jun 16, 21 at 12:42pm

I had a crush on my big brother when I was 14

Jun 16, 21 at 4:10pm

wait wat

Jun 16, 21 at 4:31pm

That sounds a bit like too many of the mangas I've read >>;

vinny @vinny_ commented on Confessions
Jun 16, 21 at 4:36pm

my darkest secret of all time .. then he got married and I cried and then got over it after a while

Jun 17, 21 at 7:28pm

I confess that the human body is baffling sometimes. I don't really understand how there can be two situations were you eat the same amount of food and the same kind of food before going to the same job and can end up feeling hungry 4 or 5 hours later one instance yet in the other instance where you work 11 hours without food you don't end up feeling insanely hungry.


i confess...i posted a confession but the site went down for a sec... and now i feel it was a sign not to post it xD

@animekid hi!!! Good to see you around :)


I confess I am eating steak for the first time in 15-16 years! My doctor said I needed more iron....so I'm gonna see how beef is. I don't find it delicious, but it's not too bad either. We'll see how it goes. I've only had like 1/4 of it bc some people have issues digesting it when reintroducing it. It would open up possibilities on food out and about if I eat beef. hmmmhmmmm

Jun 26, 21 at 8:59pm

I confess that I'm not really sure why I'm still playing pokemon go.


Beef and turkey are the only types of meat which I like. (Actually, I also really like smoked red salmon, but many people don't consider fish as meat.) I don't feel any enthusiastic appetite whatsoever for any other types of meat, especially for pork ribs. Pork ribs are so revolting.

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