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Give your honest opinion about the person above

^I laughed at that way more then I should’ve, thank you! I think in the end everyone could work it out (right?). Obviously Swan babe is someone who’s been hurt a lot in life, but still tries to move on despite the circumstances. He’s someone who is obviously aware of himself and others in many ways, I love his honesty not just with others but when it comes to himself. He’s not afraid to admit his wrongdoings and work past them, and I also appreciate when he realizes he needs a break from people, something or someone and leaves to heal himself, especially as it’s not easy for a lot of people to know when they can’t handle something. I feel like Swan babe could be someone who gives people a chance, especially if something cruel is said about them because he’s been through it himself, but I also feel like if he finds out it’s true it could be hard for his opinion to change unless proven otherwise. I know I say it a lot but I love you, you’re special and you’re stronger than you realize <3
Seems like a cool person. We've never really interacted. I know she makes stories and represents others in anime form, including some friends of mine. And oh, she gives likes my posts!
Honestly I'm not sure who you really are or were before you changed your name. I might not have known you ever by your original account name but you seem to be quite interesting and you're willing to go against the grain. https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU_d.jpeg You're not the most argumentative person but when you feel the need to defend your opinions you stand your ground and I appreciate that. Honestly if more people were willing to discuss and go against the grain, the world's nations would not be in the condition that they're currently in. https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU_d.jpeg and the least thing I could say about you is that I respect you
Dagger is the mod that seems to have the most authority and abilities or he's the one that seems to care the most about the site. I was actually shocked by some of his stances on things because of associations and assumptions. He was around a lot back in the day but went quiet for a while. It's nice to see him posting regularly again. I miss the old MO days. And to add, kudos on being so outspoken about the peds/creeps on the site and those that are underage doing things they shouldn't. It's nice to see it coming from someone with authority for once.
This lady....is a lady. The end. https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU.jpeg https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU_d.jpeg *walks away* https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU_d.jpeg https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU.jpeg Veru is one of the most engaged with conversations on the forums. She's fairly easy to speak to about a broad range of topics and has a sense of humor. Talking about recent events in politics, pop culture, music, and video games is where you'll find she shines the most. https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU_d.jpeg https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU.jpeg It's apparent she has a strong bond with her husband Arc and that love is felt through their open conversations on here. Their chemistry is something to be admired. https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU_d.jpeg Her hobbies include embroidery, painting, and traveling to various concerts as well as art galleries. https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU_d.jpeg Veru has a love for horror and goth culture too. https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU_d.jpeg Loves cats. https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU_d.jpeg https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU.jpeg A well rounded woman and a great friend.
https://c.tenor.com/HPht2t341E8AAAAC/puppy-dog-eyes-sad.gif That's sweet, Gabe. Thank you. Gabe came recommended highly by kouhai (Senpai). He had nothing but good things to say about Gabe as Gabe and I hadn't interacted much at that time. It was like a blip on the radar then because I started picking up on his posts. Very few have a sense of humor like Gabe and he is very easy going. Which is a nice break from some of the more serious personalities and conversations had here. Gabe loves to cosplay and breaks into characters often. I wouldn't mind going to an event with him just to see how deep that rabbit hole goes.
Mrs. Salt @verucassault is one of my friendships of the triangle of non nonsense alongside @yaasshat https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU.jpeg I think Veru is a very charming person, she's fun to talk with and our walls of texts about random BS that's going around gossip have been really fun when they do happen. I really admire the tenacity of her bond with Arc, proof that when there's a will there's a way. https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU.jpeg Overall I like how she's unfazed about most of the dumb shenanigans that are happening and going on here, she doesn't necessarily fights people head on recklessly, instead she takes a step back, thinks for a little bit and then throws a nasty slider that cannot be hit in any way, she's pragmatic in that sense and it's kind of refreshing to see people taking the slow approach instead of being hot headed and stumbling upon their own arguments and words. https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU.jpeg Words over assumptions, passion over words, facts over passion, one step at the time she'll vocalize her concerns or opinions in a manner that is respectful and truthful to her character.
@swadian Omg another one. Thank you, Shon. https://c.tenor.com/yZ6nEIe0NRwAAAAC/blushing-embarrassed.gif Accurate. Shon and I can have long lengthy discussions about anything. He is very deep and sentimental, has a great sense of humor, VERY intelligent. What's more is that he is mischievous, kind of a Loki of sorts, which, personally I find pretty delightful. All in all, Shon is a beautiful soul. With that I have to ask please skip me on this next one. I'm no good at receiving compliments and am feeling overwhelmed lol. https://c.tenor.com/PcbEx3kL-mAAAAAM/big-bang.gif
^ gorgeous, beautiful, kind, pretty, outstanding, talented, quirky, my teacher in being quirky XD and now known as (for me) Ruca-senpai XD <3
She's a sweetheart and one of the nicest members on MO. ♡
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