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How are you doing?

Sep 16, 20 at 3:18am

My man here gets me. He feels me. ❤

Sep 16, 20 at 3:31am

It is not about feeling. It is what is most logically correct. Abrahamic books are erroneous text with illogical inconsistencies spread throughout. Those faith based beliefs are then spread throughout the government. Which then leads to government mandated faith based educational policies. A faith that is build upon one fallacy after another. Education should not be about indoctrinating faith based fallacies. Education should be about truth, math, science, history, critical thinking, etc.

Sep 17, 20 at 7:13am

I'm stressed. Very stressed. I have an exam in November and it's huge. This exam will change my life. I need good grades if I want to get into a medical college.


I believe inyan you @amir_bahram.


@amir_bahram rember to sleep look I haven't been in medical college but you have to remember to get at least 8 hours of sleep

Sep 19, 20 at 5:48pm

It's 3:40 am. I can't sleep. Another depressive episode. It always happens at night. I get memories from my past. From the time I almost became homeless, from the time I almost lost my mom. I can't stop walking. I can't stop shaking my arms and legs. Breathing is getting difficult. I'm putting my hand on mouth for some reason. I'm breathing quickly as if I'm out of breath. I randomly shake my head. I can't concentrate. My mind is scattered all over the fucking place. I'm stressed, depressed, I'm always sad and having negative thoughts. I want to be happy. Why can't I be happy? What the fuck did I do to deserve this? I haven't been at peace for 3 God damn years. I try to be optimistic but it keeps getting worse. I just want to be a normal guy with a normal mind.


Have you gotten therapy? @amir_bahram I agree with somebody earlier. You're quite young. If it makes you feel better, I was once homeless and lived in a one room motel with my family. Stuff like that changes you, even if you don't completely realize it at the time. Keep fighting and don't feel bad to lean on people you trust.

Sep 19, 20 at 7:12pm

Raidou says, "I am doing well, thank you for asking."

Pancake @patopato commented on How are you doing?
Pancake @patopato
Sep 21, 20 at 12:21am

I'm hungry

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