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Make A Lie Aboout The Person Above You


That's not a lie...


I wish not to tell lies. I do, on the other hand, enjoy clever misdirection.

That said, this manga's edition features a beautiful bird contained beneath an elaborate cover by which no other can compare.

And I bought the one and only copy!


(What do you teach)

And here is the story which @xinmage possesses in his collection:

Little @xinmage flies in the blue sky.
The sea reflects the blue of the sky.
The blue of the sky is the sea of the sky.
In the blue of the sky there are tears of the sky.
In tears' blue the little @xinmage flies."

"Little @xinmage fly's [place] is blue sky.
Sea reflecting is sky's blue.
Sky's blue – sky's sea.
In sky's blue – sky's tears.
In tears' blue – little @xinmage flies."

This world is so colorful.
Dark Humor. Youtube Poop. Zombies.
As well as dirty, lonely and sad @xinmage.
Colors aren't all wonderful.
But even so, this world is beautiful!
There are firends who laugh at you.
There are many different colors and things...
all of which we will accept one by one.
We will accept them all and grow up.
We will grow up in this world."

There are various colors in this world.
Bright colors. Warm colors. Sparkling colors.
And dirty colors. And lonely colors. Sad colors.
But not only lovely colors exist.
But still, this world is (absolutely) beautiful!
There are friends. All laughing.
(Although) there are many things, many colors...
But we [will], one by one, accept them.
Accepting, we [will], one by one, become apples.
In this world... We will become MCs."

"The @Xinmage died
and will get the reference I am parodying (poorly) before they combust into a zombie."




Hates music in all its forms.


Lives in Russia where they teach the KGB the art of pig latin so to protect their secrets against the world's spy network while communicating between each other.


Is very subtle


Completely irredeemable.

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