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How would you react if the above user confessed to you?


Get your Covid-19 vaccine shot first and then we'll talk chief!


Nice but you can't come in if your name isn't on the list.


Ok but im gonna need the following for my shrine. A piece of your hair,A pen,a piece of clothing,And something of personal value call me when you've got those :D


Whatever, I want your mind and soul, not your body. It's for my research on a special kind of robots or whatever it's called.


I would have said yus if u were from Argentina! Nyahaha!


I accept on the terms he teaches me all the scientific secrets of the universe while periodically feeding me Scooby snacks.


Only if you share that vaccine with me.


Sure thing lover! Nothing a little tounge and cheek, deep mouth kiss can't cure. Undoubtedly some of that vaccine has integrated with my spit by now.

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