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Random thoughts...

I like winter and all, but can you please clean the roads? The surprised swirling makes me hate this time of yr.
I really want some peace in my life TwT i sorta want to make it my goal to save up as much money as possible and just live out the rest of my life on a little tropical island or something and never interact with people again. Sounds really ideal.
Jan 26, 23 at 1:11pm
I thought you meant a peace like a gun. I really need one jk. But I got nothing to protect me from the guy next door, I have a butter knife is all. Hope he's not all nuts still when I go back in three days. Everyone else moved out and I'm waiting to do that.
Jan 26, 23 at 1:49pm
Why didn't you train your goat to ram him? https://media.tenor.com/yT0HWiWMITQAAAAM/toma-sheep.gif
"Dont pet the sweaty things and don't sweat the petty things"
Jan 26, 23 at 4:20pm
Sweaty things aren't always un "pet" worthy.
I wanna trigger Jotaro's ptsd
I caught up to Kaiju num.8 I am sad now.
I'm texting my best friend while he's on a cruise I was supposed to be on with him. 8[ sad His room looked NOICE. He has his own balcony.
Jan 27, 23 at 2:04pm
It's tax season. The tax man be fittin to clap my cheeks bruh https://media.giphy.com/media/3ov9jUBdDA5FFFITOU/giphy.gif
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